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I'm still very happy with my Saturn. I've had it 4 years, used it for 3 and it still looks like new. I keep it fully inflated on the trailer inside my garage so I'm sure that helps.

I guess you hear this quite often, but I thought you might like to hear it again. After inflating, deflating and packing my SD260 it became evident that I made a wise purchase. I was expecting that deflating and packing my SD260 would be a chore, not so. The design of the carry bag is ingenious. Although a bit heavy for a 155 lb senior citizen, it can be done. At least to my car! It's a bit (VERY) cold in New York right now, however, as soon it gets warmer I am going to hit the water. I have been kayaking for years, now that I am 70 a motor is a plus.

I bought my Saturn SD330 inflatable boat in the spring or late winter 2011, through careful research I compared it to all other inflatable boats i.e. Zodiac, Avon, Archilles and such, but they were way out of my price range and by accident I stumbled upon the website. I read the reviews of other Saturn owners, who also owned these big name brands like Zodiac and such and as they compared their Saturn inflatable boats to those brands it seems they prefer the Saturn much more. For me the Saturn was an affordable way to start boating, I live in an apartment, so I have no driveway or garage to store a hard boat, this is where Saturn came in, affordability, easy to store and quality drove me to the Saturn. Though I wanted a much bigger boat for my family of 6, it was a little beyond my price range. I’m an avid fisherman, but I find it inconvenient to fish from a pier or the shore, I wanted to go where the fish was and not wait for the fish to come where I was. The previous year, my wife and I, drove down the NJ shore and fished off a pier, we did not catch anything. First the place I bought my rigs sold rigs with dull hooks and the crowd on the pier was annoying to say the least. Tangled line with other fishermen was a problem for me. Not so this year. I first tested my new Saturn dinghy on a local reservoir, arrived at the launch site, inflated my Saturn with the High Pressure Pump that I had purchased separately and launched out into the water. I must say what a difference, I fished one section of the reservoir and did not even get a bite, moved along to another section and starting catching fish, I mounted a 55lb thrust trolling motor to my Saturn and had no problems moving from spot to spot. When I feel crowded by other boaters, I will move to a different spot with ease. This to me is a great advantage as an angler. I’m currently looking for a small outboard gas motor so that I can fish in the estuaries down the shore. My Saturn can handle up to a 15 hp outboard motor. I’m looking forward to this Spring, I’m taking her out on a clamming trip to the lower Navesink river in Red Bank, N.J. to start my year out on the bay. Then later on when the water warms up, we will do some crabbing. My Saturn has opened up so many wonderful opportunities for me, I’m really happy with my Saturn, this boat is tough as Kevlar. And I believe that if I take care of my Saturn it will last for years to come. The only down side to my Saturn SD330 inflatable boat is it’s not big enough for my whole family. So to solve that problem, I would take the boys (age 12 and 14) fishing, then I would take my girls (ages 14 and 15) on another day, so everyone will have a turn on the water. Most of all when the kids are in school, my wife and I would go out on our trip. Fishing, crabbing and clamming is what we are about. Thanks to, I’ve realized a long-time dream of owning my own boat!

Hey guys, I got my Saturn SD470 about a year and a half ago and have put close to 200hrs on it. I have to say I love this boat. I mostly snorkel and free dive off Palm Beach with it, but last May I took it to the Bahamas. We stopped to clear customs in the east end and then continued towards Lucaya.It took about six hours to make Atlantic crossing from Boynton inlet to Bahamas on this boat. We were planing on towing it over behind the big boat but the morning we left the ocean was dead calm so I decided that I would use it as a scout boat to see if we could find any boards floating, with fish on them. We did, caught some dolphin and made the 90 or so mile trip to Freeport without a problem.The best part was we made the trip over on about 6 gallons of gas. I have a Yamaha F25 four stroke, and we weren't setting any speed records, but you cannot beat that. The boat will do about 15kt loaded down with 6 people plus a large cooler I use for a seat and all our snorkeling gear. Alone it does about 20kt, not bad. I keep mine covered and had one hole in it from a rogue barnacle at the doc, easy repair though, even at sea with the included patch kit. Love the boat, and would recommend it to anyone on a budget looking for a very sea worthy boat.

Used Zodiac F470 as a Tactical Diver for over 12 years. Different variations of Avons and Zodiacs up to the F470. 23 Years of operations. I have piloted a SD430 recently and preferred it over the Avons and comparable Zodiacs.

I have had my SD365 since this last fall and now have begun to run it out on our small lake by the house. With the 25 hp 2-stroke Tohatsu motor and the hard wood floor (converted a SD385 floor to fit) this boat flies.

I used Saturn inflatable boat for almost a year now. Boat hold air very well, no problems there... I used 15HP outboard and it just flying on a lake.

What a great boat i took my SD365 out for the first time yesterday and am very Happy with the performance and comfort. 4 of us and 3 dogs just floated down the river in the slow parts of the river i towed them in their rafts i had a small 8 horse power outboard on there was some shallow place's but no problem i raised the motor was able to float in about 6ins of water very easy to row the air floor is very sturdy i used a small 1 gallon shop vac to inflate the boat and toped it of with the hand pump that came with the boat it took about 10 mins if you want a fun sturdy easy boat this is it ....BoatsToGo was a pleasure to deal with had my boat in 4 days after ordering it ...Thank you ..

I am completely satisfied with the model SD430 I purchased from you last year. Quality construction. Good performance. Excellent value. The boat is everything you represented it to be and more.

I have recived my new sd365 boat .Its great!little boat and i love inflatable floor no more squks grinding etc. like my old Zodiac .
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