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I bought my first Saturn, a 260, about 5 years ago when I had a 28' express cruiser. It was the perfect size to fit on the bow so that I could take it with me to the Southern California Channel Islands. I had looked at a lot of inflatable PVC boats in stores and on the docks, and I figured out that I couldn't beat the 260 for appearance, price and quality.Three years ago I bought a 38' foot cabin cruiser that came with a similar size inflatable to the Saturn 260. I have kept both inflatables on the boat and that has given me a chance to compare the two.The one that came with the boat is very similar to the Saturn, but the difference in quality is amazing. I have a 2.5 HP motor and a 4 HP motor and have used both of those motors on both the boats, so I have quite a bit of varied use experience with both boats under the same conditions.I can tell you that the Saturn has held up much better than the other boat in both condition and appearance. I covered both boats most of the time, but each spent a lot of time in the Southern California sun as well. The other inflatable has turned a dingy gray color that, despite numerous washings, can't be gotten rid of. One of the holders that the grab-rope is attached to has broken making that grab-rope useless. And the floor has become sticky from sun exposure. By contrast, the Saturn has held its bright appearance. The accessories like the grab-ropes, oarlocks, and have maintained the functionality. The quality of that boat has really stood out.My dockmates have taken notice of my Saturn inflatable. Based on its appearance after five years AND its favorable price comparison, two of them have also bought Saturns….one just last week! And because my fiancй has decided she would like to take her dog along on our trips in the inflatable, I just ordered a Saturn 330 to make that possible.Good quality, good appearance, great price! I have no idea why anyone would buy a comparable inflatable anywhere else!

Zodiac loost his guality but not price today. Im very happy that Korea makes this boats at affordable price for low income people like me and still good quality.Thanks boats to go

I was a tremendously impressed with the quality of the inflatable and in 40 years of boating and many inflatable's including the mighty Avon I don't think I've seen workmanship like this before

I love the boat especially how light it is to row. It is like a feather over the surface. Was out in 15 knots on Saturday rowing to my freinds boat from mine and had no problem controlling it. Great boat and a great price.

Im pleased with the apparent quality of the sd430. The tubes are larger diameter than even most of the Zodiacs and Avons that Ive seen, I like that! Its really larger than Id envisioned and appears very well made. All seams are neatly glued and the boat

Excelent boat...I just LOVE it. But pump rather light duty. Thanks for the great delivery. I know we will have many years of fun with this boat... Thanks again for the wonderful workmanship that this boat has...Thank you

Im very very impressed with the boat. I will have some new customers for you in the near future.

I love my boat. I have had it for two years and always get complements on it.

Very happy with my Sd-430(14 foot) works like a champ on the water.I use a 30 hp mariner engine with no hydrofoil and it planes well.Easy to set up stable in the water a great deal! i dive with my boat in Monterey Bay- California takes 3-4 people with div

Thanks I already bought the boat from you guys and I like it very much.
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