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Universal Handles For HoverSeats.

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Handles Add-On for Manual Operation of Hoverboard with HoverSeat™.

  • Handles add-on works with MOST hoverboards available on a market!
  • Allows operation of HoverSeats using hands or feet or both!
  • Can also be used as universal adaptor for HoverSeat to work with MOST hoverboards!
  • Allows using hoverboards for various DIY projects, such as pull wheelchair, transport cargo, and more...

HoverSeat attachments are great fun to ride, inexpensive, and offers freedom of movements for many customers. It is the only hands-free electric scooter available on a market today. However, HoverSeat clamp only works with hoverboards that have round center. Not all hoverboards on a market compatible with HoverSeat clamp. New add-on solves this problem!

Also, many customers with limited ability to use legs, would welcome ability to operate hoverboard manually. New HoverSeat Add-On for hoverboards allows to do just that.

Handles add-on device easily mounts on top of most hoverboards with help of 2 Velcro straps. It creates pressure on footpads to allow intuitive hoverboard operation with hands or legs, or both. Most hoverboards with round or non-round centers will work with handles add-on, as long as there is no carry handle on top of hoverboard. Some hoverboards that has handle in a center, like Swagtron T6 for example, will not work with this device. Once add-on installed over hoverboard, HoverSeat pull tube can be mounted on top of device, basically replacing round plastic clamps provided standard with all HoverSeats.

Add-on can be used with or without handles. To use without handles, just install provided short adapter tubes over tubes welded on top of add-on. Rest feet on these tubes, and push forward, backward, left or right. To use hoverboard manually, install handle tubes on top of add-on, and secure with quick release clamps. You can adjust handles length and angle to best comfortable position. Feet can be rested on a board in a center of add-on device, or placed on bottom of handles tubes.

Please note that once add-on is mounted on top of hoverboard, and hoverboard is powered on, it immediately engage pressure sensors under hoverboard footpads, essentially telling hoverboard that someone is standing on top of it, and it ready to go. Hoverboard can start moving forward or backward without warning, as long as directional pressure applied to handles. Therefore it is imperative to keep hoverboard in its "neutral" (horizontal footpads) position to avoid its to start moving without warning, while getting in or getting out.

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Assembly Manual (HoverSeat_Handles_Assembly_Manual.jpg, 1,876 Kb) [Download]

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