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NEW Portable Sitting Attachment for Hoverboards - HoverSeat MINI™.

HoverSeat cart attachment that breaks down into small over the shoulder bag!

Our standard HoverSeat is great, but when assembled, it can be somewhat bulky for a trunk of a small car. Together with a beach chair and hoverboard, it does take some space. If you want to carry hoverboard, and HoverSeat, and chair in your car, and use it on as needed basis, and don't take too much space at the same time, then HoverSeat MINI is for you. HoverSeat MINI called that way because it breaks down into 3 tubes - axle, pull tube and front tube. Wheels are also removable and stored into special compartment of carry on bag. HoverSeat MINI also comes with a FREE bonus folding chair, that is designed to work with HoverSeat MINI version.

Benefits of HoverSeat MINI:

  • Easy to set up in under 3 minutes: The HoverSeat MINI frame made of light aluminum tubes which fits easily inside provided draw string carry on bag, and then into trunk of the car or small closet. When folded, it doesn't take much space. When you want to use HoverSeat MNI, simply take out all components from a bag, insert pull tube into the axle tube, snap on top perpendicular front tube, and slide 2 wheels over axle ends. Then secure folding chair on top with provided Velcro strap, and you are ready to go!
  • Comfortable: Provided bonus folding chair is very comfortable to ride in. It is perfect fit, and feels very relaxed when riding HoverSeat MINI.
  • Practical: Use the HoverSeat MINI to tow a wheeled cart, or hand carts, or grocery wheeled bag, boxes, or use it to transport heavy or awkward tools.
  • Safer than a hoverboard: No more fear of falling from hoverboard and heating the pavement hard. Plus, sitting is far more comfortable than standing!

What included with a HoverSeat MINI:

  • Aluminum frame with 2 ball bearing wheels and Patent Pending HoverClamp.
  • FREE BONUS: Folding Low Profile Beach chair is included.
  • Draw string carry on storage bag is included.
  • Hoverboard is NOT included.
  • HoverSeat MINI folded size: 35x10x6"
  • Shipping size: COMING SOON. Shipping Weight: COMING SOON
  • Click on ATTACHMENTS tab to download HoverSeat MINI manual.

HoverSeat MINI clamp works ONLY with these 2 types of hoverboards with ROUND middle:

Videos of Seating Attachment for Hoverboard - HoverSeat MINI


The user of this product assumes all risks associated with its use. Rider assumes all risks associated with activity. Make sure the environment is safe for riding. Make sure all bolts are secure. Inspect clamp for cracks or damages. Use all necessary body protectors. MUST wear helmet, knee, elbow pads, wrist guard, exercise full caution when driving, be prepared to stop. Do NOT operate where people or cars might be present. Do NOT ride on slopped areas. Do NOT overload. Do NOT race. Do NOT lift feet of pads while driving. HoverSeat is not disability vehicle transportation. This product should not be used by persons without excellent vision, balance, coordination, reflex, muscle and bone strength or good decision making capability. This product should not be used by minor without adult supervision. This product should not be used by persons unwilling or unable to take responsibility for their own action. To minimize assumed risks, the user must wear helmet, elbow and keen pads and appropriate shoes. Do not operate this product in traffic, wet, froze, oily or unpaved surfaces. Avoid uneven surfaces, chuckholes, cracks and obstacles.

Order Spare Clamp for your HoverSeat here.

They mini is great! Was able to put it together first time in 5min. It's so fun to ride. Wanted to get your original hoverseat but didn't have the room to haul it around. This mini you've created is God sent! Thanks..
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Download HoverSeat MINI Manual: (HoverSeat_Mini_Instructions.pdf, 647 Kb) [Download]


How To Assemble HoverSeat MINI


1. Insert pull tube into the adaptor welded to axle tube, and drop large bolt into the hole in that adaptor.

Wing nut should be at the bottom. Tighten wing nut completely. It is normal that connection is not rigid at

this point, as it will become rigid once chair is installed and secured to the frame of HoverSeat Mini.

2. Place front tube perpendicularly, over hole in a middle of pull tube, and repeat attachment with large bolt

and wing nut at the bottom. If front tube gap does not fit over pull tube, then loosen bolts on front tube,

and re-tighten after front tube installed over pull tube.

3. Unfold low profile chair and place it on a HoverSeat Mini in such way, that chair all 4 feet are on top of

matching 4 platforms located at edges of axle and front tube.

4. Run Velcro straps through the chair feet and then through plastic clip, and then back through chair feet

before securing Velcro to itself.

5. Inspect all components to make sure there are no loose bolts, and chair firmly sitting on top of HoverSeat.

6. Install clamp at the end of pull tube and secure it over hoverboard. You now should be able to seat into

the chair and operate hoverboard with your feet to move forward. It is recommended to re-calibrate

hoverboard as per its instructions so that footpads facing rider under approximately 20 degree angle.