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External Battery Hoverboard


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Custom Modified 10" Pneumatic Wheels Hoverboard for HoverSeat.

This hoverboard was modified to accept external 36V battery. COLOR BLACK.

This hoverboard was custom modified similar to as shown in video below. Internal battery was removed, and external XT 60 connection was taken outside.

To operate this set up, you will need to purchase separately 36V bicycle battery on Ebay or Amazon, along with battery charger. Complete 36V 10Ah bottle type battery set up can run anywhere from $150 and up. You might also need $5 XT 60 connectors, also sold on Amazon or Ebay, to connect to battery wires, so that to connect to hoverboard.

This set up offer various benefits:
  • With optional 36V bicycle battery, run time can be significantly extended.
  • Hoverboard itself become lighter to carry around.
  • No need to carry whole hoverboard for recharging. Only much lighter external battery can be carried for recharging.

IMPORTANT: Before powering on hoverboard, make sure it rotated about 30 degree toward rider. Sit on hoverseat first, then power bike battery, then power hoverboard. If you power without seating on hoverseat, hoverboard might jump.

Please note, HoverSeat NOT included. Battery NOT included. Charger NOT included.
Included only hoverboard similar to as shown on picture. Hoverboard not new, might have some scratches.
  • Built in speaker with BLUETOOTH system.
  • Batteries: NOT INCLUDED
  • Color Black
  • Wheel Size 10"
  • Shipping Weight 35lbs
  • Shipping Size 30x13x13"

Shipping Weight:
35 lbs
30 lbs

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