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Get FREE valve adapter for Saturn boats.

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Valve adapter is great to quickly inflate/deflate boats using regular low pressure electric pumps you will need valve adaptor. You can attach this adaptor to the low pressure electric pump by using any type of hose or vinyl tubing sold in most household stores. Use small metal clamp to secure inside hose, or glue in with contact cement.

Please note that rubber seal over valve will compress when inserted into the valve. Please apply force when pushing inside valve, and then rotate clockwise to latch to valve. You can remove seal and squeeze few times to soften it.

Seal also has groove on another side, so you can remove it, flip it over and re install back on adapter for better fit.

Please NOTE: Will not fit C7 or Bravo valves.

Have a 14ft Kaboat that has been proven to be a worthwhile purchase.
Its portability and built in transom for trolling motor has made fishing and exploring the intercoastal waterways such fun.
It never fails when out and about that I am constantly asked about my Kaboat.
It is easy to recommend boatstogo for their selection and quality products.
Given my limited space, the ability to store this in my closet or trunk has been so convenient.
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