20 Lbs Electric Trolling Motor 12V

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Ultra-light and extra portable 20 Lbs electric motor for small KaBoats, Paddle Boards and kayaks.

Our new 20 lbs model uses 12V, with only 17 Amp Max Draw. Battery Level reader built into controller housing displays accurate available battery power, and shows when battery needs recharging.

What makes this motor unique is its light weight and portability. At only 5lbs of weight this motor is light as feather. Yet, it still can push paddle board or small boat nicely in a pond, lake or river. .

Another nice feature, is that you don't need big and heavy battery to use with this motor. Even small 12V20ah battery can provide about 1 hour of run time. You can also mount 2 motors side-by-side to provide about 40lbs of total propulsion thrust. And 2 motors together still would be much lighter than 1 x 55lbs motor.

Video of 13' Paddle Board SUP with 12V 20 lbs electric motor

Video of 11' Paddle Board SUP with 2x 20 lbs electric motors

Video of 12' Kayak with 20 lbs electric motors (starts at 30sec.)

Electric Trolling Motors FAQ

What battery do I need for this motor?

Even smallest 12V 7Ah battery will run this motor for about 15 min. You will need 12V 20Ah battery to run for about an hour. Or, you can get 12V40Ah to run for about 2 hours. These batteries can be purchased on Amazon or Ebay for about $20-$60. You will also need inexpensive wall charger to re-charge battery.

Can I install 2 motors together?

Yes, if space allows, you can mount 2 motors side by side and connect them in a parallel to battery. This way you can get up to 40lbs of power from 2 motors together.

Is this motor can be used in Ocean?

Yes, you can use this motor in ocean water, but you need to flash it with fresh water after use, and run for few seconds to let all water to escape around prop.

What speed this motor can provide?

Motor speed depends on many conditions, including total weight of watercraft, its design, weight of passengers, condition of water and presence of the wind. Motor can provide about 4 to 5mh/h speed in good conditions.

Can this motor be used on a windy day?

Best use for this motor on a less than windy day, with smooth water conditions, preferably on a pond, on a lake or river with no current. Motor is not strong enough to push boat against wind above 15mph or through the water current that is faster than speed of motor.

Motor Dimensions:
32 x 10 x 6"
Power Thrust:
20 lbs, 12V, 14-17 Amp/hr
Rated Power:
168-204 W
Shaft Material:
Adjustable Depth Collar:
  • for changing the motor depth
Adjustable Handle:
  • Adjust to your desired angle by folding up or down
Speed Control:
2 speed levels for forward and reverse
Max Shaft Length:
Battery Reader:
  • Displays accurate battery level
1 Year from date of purchase
Shipping Weight:
8 lbs
5 lbs

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