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EFIN adapter for Kayak with Rudder


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Complete, ready to use EFIN adapter for Rotomolded or Hard Kayaks.

That is same rudder used in video below.

Made by Pelican rudder lever with cables and rudder with pin. Including custom made plate to make rudder into stand along system, ready to use on most kayaks. Need bracket to install rudder. Sold on Amazon.

  1. Included: Pelican rudder lever, cables, rudder, metal plate, adapter for EFIN.
  2. Electric FIN motor NOT included. Available here.

Video of kayak with EFIN installed.

17 lbs
Shipping Weight:
22 lbs
Shipping Size:
43 x 15 x 7"
Special Composite Shaft:
  • More flexible and stronger than other shafts
Power Thrust:
55 lbs, 12V, 50 Amp Max Draw
Rated Power:
540 W
Adjustable Depth Collar:
  • For changing the motor depth
Adjustable Handle:
  • Adjust to your desired angle by folding up or down
Speed Control:
5 speed levels for forward 3 levels for reverse
Battery Reader:
  • Displays accurate battery level
1 Year from date of purchase

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