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Catamaran Motor Mount Kit


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Catamaran / Motor Mount Kit for MSUP414, SUP414 and SUP415

Convert 2 Saturn SUPs into an electric or sail catamaran.

Also can be used to install electric motor on single paddle board.

Heavy-duty set of aluminum benches with wooden motor mount block and hardware, designed to join together 2 inflatable SUP Paddle Boards to make a catamaran type of vessel. Designed to work with set of D-rings on top of MSUP414, SUP414 and SUP415 paddle boards. Might also work with other products as DIY project.

Catamaran kit can also be used for DIY project, of converting 2 inflatable SUPs into sail catamaran. Please note that this is DIY project, and we do not provide detailed instructions. However, having joining 2 SUPs together, it become possible to mount sail flange and keel on a front short bench, and then attach rudder or oar to rear short middle bench on a pivot, so that to create sail catamaran.

Catamaran kit long benches attach to hulls of 2 paddle boards parallel to each other, using set of D-rings on top of both boards, and lashing tie downs (not included). Distance between D-rings matches width of long benches.

Catamaran kit can be installed in various ways, so that trolling motor can be installed in front, or in rear. In both configurations, location of transom can allow easy access to tiller handle of trolling motor for comfortable operation. Most convenient in front. If installing electric trolling motor in front of catamaran, rotate tiller handle 180 degree for comfortable operation. To do that, remove screws holding top housing of trolling motor, rotate it 180 degree and then re-install screw back. If installing trolling motor in rear, do not install fins on paddle boards, to make catamaran more responsive for turns.

Long bench together with short middle bench and motor mount can also be used to secure electric trolling motor to only 1 paddle board.

  • Shipping Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Shipping size: 34x10x6"
  • Stainless steel hardware included.
  • Catamaran Kit designed to be used with electric trolling motors up to 55lbs thrust.
  • Lashing tie downs not included. Need total of 8 for catamaran set up, or 2 for motor mount set up.
  • Lashing tie downs can be purchased on Amazon, cut shorter, and ends can be fried with open flames.
  • Included: 4 long benches, 2 short middle benches, 1 wooden motor mount block, 2 angles, and bag of hardware.

Example of Motor Mount for single MSUP414.

Here are pictures of what I have done so far with your Paddle Boards.
Next step is to mount a sail on another cross bar at the front. I have attached extra d-rings to attach the cross piece. I will send more pictures then.
If you get any inquires from the Peachtree City GA ,Fayette County GA ,Coweta County GA area it will be because we have had a lot of people very excited about it every time we launch.
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