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Naru and Deluxe Air Valve Adaptors

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Naru Adaptor Deluxe Adaptor
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Spare valve adaptors for hand and electric pumps.

We have Deluxe Universal and Naru original valve adaptors. Please select model above before checking out.

Our new deluxe universal valve adaptors can replace most valve adaptors for pushpin type of air valve for inflatable boats, rafts, kayaks and inflatable paddle boards. hese are the only adaptors that can be used with high pressure electric pumps, because deluxe adaptors provide larger opening for good air output and quicker inflation. Deluxe universal valve adaptor comes with set of 2 rubber seals (color may vary). Each seal has grove on it, in order to allow 4 different combination for best fit into air valve. You can install 1 or 2 seals, you can flip seals with grove in or out or you can cut out lip seal for better fit into air valve of your boat.

Deluxe Universal Valve Adaptor

Also available standard Naru N2 valve adaptors with rubber seals designed for perfect fit inside latest Naru N2 valves with green rubber seal on a cap.

Naru Valve Adaptor Naru Valve Adaptor

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