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New Saturn 11' Inflatable Mini Catamaran NC330

Saturn New inflatable fun catamaran NC330 is versatile watercraft that is great as a dinghy for yacht, as a fishing boat or just a weekend pleasure cruiser for 2 people.

Very stable and goes nice with small 12V electric trolling motor.

New Saturn inflatable catamaran boat NC330 was designed to be inexpensive budget solution fishing or pleasure boat that can go nice and easy with small gas outboard or electric trolling motors. It was designed as a longer upgrade from our popular NC290 can boat.

Transom was moved all way toward end of tubes to create more space inside this boat. Can be carried by one person with help of small kayak cart. Comes with high pressure removable air deck floor and bunch of convenient grab handles.

11' Saturn Inflatable Mini Catamaran NC330


  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Quick and easy set-up.
  • Extra wide rub strake along tubes bottom.
  • High-pressure drop-stitch inflatable air deck floor.
  • Durable rub strake protectors along boat tubes.
  • 2 small fins for better directional tracking on bottom of tubes.
  • Marine grade plywood transom with drain plug.
  • Included: hand pump, repair kit, set of oars, 2 aluminum benches and carry bag.
11 ft inflatable catamaran NC330

SALE: $549.00 (MSRP: $1,098.00)
SHIPPING: $59.00 (by FedEx Ground)
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How long should I expect my inflatable to last? How to find and repair air leak? Please find answers on these and many other questions in our FAQ section.

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NC290 Technical Specifications:

Exterior Length 11'
Interior Width 14"
Tube Diameter 16.5"
Shipping Size 52x28x12"
Shipping Weight 75 lbs
Person Capacity 2
Weight Capacity 800 lbs
Chambers 2+1
Material 1100 Denier PVC
Air Valves Halkey-Roberts type valve by Naru
Max. Engine Capacity 3.5HP
Inflation time up to 10 min.
Color Yellow
* specifications are subject to change.

11' Mini Cat NC330 (Click to zoom in.)

Video of slightly smaller NC290 Nano Cat with 55lbs Electric Motor.
Sailing Inflatable Catamaran

Sail kit for Saturn inflatable catamarans available from 

Quick Tip: If you are worried about the air floor being accidentally punctured by sharp gear or fishing hooks, you can get a piece of vinyl flooring from a local hardware store that can be cut out to fit inside the boat over the floor.

Please note that Mini Cat type of boats are not designed to be sport racers. They do not have sponsors or fiberglass wings as XCAT type of racing boats.