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Hypalon Inflatable Boats

New Hypalon boats by Saturn.

Made from Achilles Hypalon Fabric.

Achilles Hypalon Fabric

Saturn Inflatable Hypalon Boat

Saturn Hypalon Inflatable Boats Dimensions and Specifications:
MODEL HP290 HP320 HP360
overall length 290cm/9.6' 320cm/10.5' 360cm/11.8'
inside length 222cm/87" 250cm/98" 289cm/114"
overall width 163cm/64" 163cm/64" 163cm/64"
inside width 80cm/31.5" 80cm/31.5" 80cm/31.5"
tube diameter 42cm/16.5" 42cm/16.5" 42cm/16.5"
transom meterial wood w/ fiberglass layer wood w/ fiberglass layer wood w/ fiberglass layer
transom thickness 24mm/1" 24mm/1" 24mm/1"
max person 4 4+1 5
max motor 10hp 15hp 20hp
max load 1000lbs 1200lbs 1300lbs
what included boat bag, floor bag, repair kit, hand pump, aluminum floor, manual, oars
boat weight without floor 32kg/70lbs 34kg/75lbs 36.5kg/80lbs
floor weight 18kg/40lbs 21kg/46lbs 24.5kg/54lbs
shipping weight boat
shipping size boat
shipping weight floor
shipping size floor